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Mac binding to Active Directory

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    The most common problem is "network accounts are unavailable" and user cannot log in. Please take note on these important things:

    Make sure these info correct: have hostname, local Domain Name server address.

    Make sure the Setting -> System Date & Time point to our AD NTP server @ srvr-dc-a.ssis.edu.vn, if not it always complain and continously fail to logon

    On Setting -> Users & Groups setting: 

    Automatic Login: off

    Display login window as: Name and password

    Show fast user switching menu as Full Name

    Allow network users to log in at login window

    Click + to add Network Account Server => srvr-dc-a.ssis.edu.vn -> AD Admin: administrator, AD Admin pass: C0...

    Restart or Log off and then login with network credentials: ssischool\username or username@ssis.edu.vn.


    - Install Lion
    - Log into your local admin account
    - Set the machine name to "XXX" and remember this name
    - Open Directory Utility
    - Open Active Directory
    - Set the Comuter ID to "XXX"
    - (Optional) Show Advanced Options, check "Create mobile account...", uncheck "Require confirmation..."
    - Click BInd
    - Enter in your admin domain credentials
    - Hit OK
    - Log the directory utility by clicking the lock in the lower right corner
    - Log out of the local admin profile
    - Log in as any domain user

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