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DeployStudio across subnets

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    I’m not certain how your network is set up but I’ve been able to use DeployStudio across subnets for some time now. The way that I’ve set it up is to have the Deploystudio server configured as a “DHCP Helper” (AKA DHCP Relay) in addition to your actual DHCP server.

    This is a setting done on the router interface for each subnet. Most routers will allow you to enter multiple DHCP servers into the list of “helpers”. I know at least Cisco, HP, and Juniper do.

    Just log into your router and add a DHCP helper to each router interface for the subnets that you want to be able to use DeployStudio in. If your DeployStudio server IP is, a DHCP helper entry on a Cisco router would looks something like:

    config t
    interface Fast 0/0 # This is the subnet that you want to use DeployStudio in but currently can’t
    ip helper-address
    write mem

    What happens is every helper in the list on the router is forwarded a copy of any DHCP request that happens in that subnet. DeployStudio is configured to respond with special information when certain “options” are requested by a system. Your DHCP server will still be used to get and IP address, but DeployStudio will be used if any network bootable drives are requested by the computer. This happens during the bootp process if you hold down the “N” key on a MAC while booting. So it is pretty seamless once you add the helper information to the router.

    Hope this info helps.

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