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Building Image for Apple

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    This is very important to go through each check box when you create image for Mac OS

        Install new OS on one IMac machine

        Install Softwares

    • Microsoft Office 2016 & Update
    • Google Chrome
    • Java Runtime
    • Adobe Reader
    • Adobe Flash Player for Safari
    • Add printer
    • KG Fonts
    • VLC
    • Avervision (iMac classroom only)
    • Page
    • Number
    • Keynote
    • IMovie
    • IPhoto
    • Garaband
    • Install Adobe CC and InDesign (only HS lab and MS Lab)***


        Check and install all the update


        Change settings

    • Enable Root Account
    • Change Network settings and Set Service order

    Go to System Preference -> Network -> delete Firewire, Buetooth, Thunder... Go to the gear -> Set service order -> moving ethernet to the top

    • Removing duplets Fonts
      • Open Font book (Applications -> Font Book)
      • Select all fonts
      • Go to the file menu and select "Validate fonts"
      • Resolve all font conflicts (by removing duplets)
    • Energy Saver
      • Uncheck Put hard disks to sleep when possible
      • Uncheck Wake for network access
    • Sharing
      • Check Remote Login
    • Set Google Chrome is default browser
    • Disable quic protocal on Chrome 
    • Set http://link.ssis.edu.vn is default webpage on Google Chrome and Safari
    • Remove not using programs from Dock
    • Change default paper size
      • Change the region setting: Go to System Preference -> Language & Text -> Region -> Select Australia
      • Change paper size in Word: Open new document -> Go to Format -> Document -> Page Setup  -> Change Paper Size to A4 -> OK

        Upload Image

    • Make sure your image machine not join to domain before upload
    • Repair Disk Permission double times, reboot machine
    • Sign out Apple store account
    • Using Deploy Studio to upload image (clonezilla is back up option)
    • Image name need to be have name, date 
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