ICT Documentation Standard Operating Procedures Account Creation Workflow

Account Creation Workflow

    Table of contents
    1. 1. HR
    2. 2. ICT
    3. 3. HOS
    4. 4. Receptionist


    Mr. Huy Tang will notify via email to the respective teams with the following information:

    • Employee Number | Last, First Middle Name| Department | Job Title


    Using the CAS system to create the account according to information sent from HR.  As of now, the ICT team is only responsible for staff and students accounts.  Additional to creating the accounts, the ICT will perform data verification of all new accounts.  This include spot checks throughout the network:  Active Directory, PowerSchool SIS, Gate system, OPAC, Redmine Helpdesk, Link, and Google Suite.

    An account letter will beissued to HR for redistribution to the rightful owner.

    For those who needs PowerSchool access, an account with the appropriate security settings for PowerTeacher login.


    Ms. Hien Le is responsible for all new faculties and will be utilizing the CAS system to provision the new accounts.  ID number list is maintained between HR and Ms. Hien via Google Sheets.


    Ms. Chau Nguyen is responsible for obtaining the photo and printing ID card for all personnel to include contractors, caregivers, drivers, parents/guardian. 

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