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Groups in Google

    Google Groups replaces the conferences folders used in FirstClass  to communicate and collaborate with groups of people. In addition to that, each group has its own email address. 

    Using just the one email address for the group, you can:

    • Send email to group members
    • Invite group members to meetings
    • Share your content with group members, including Google documents, sites, videos, and calendars

    But that's not all! Google Groups also includes these useful features:

    • My Groups—Lists all the groups you belong to. Here's where you can manage your own group memberships, without having to make requests to Tech Support.
    • Groups directory—Lists all the groups for "ssis.edu.vn". Use the directory to view formation about groups, including group members. From the "Groups Directory" you can also join new groups, without the assistance of the Tech Support.
    • Discussion archives (forums)—Records all the communications between group members. Read past messages and even post and reply to group messages.

    You can also find more information and help articles on using Groups in the Google Groups Help Center.


    Teachers are automatically enrolled in the Faculty & Staff group and their division level group.  Other groups can be enrolled in as desired.


    *Please post messages in only one group.


    SSIS Google Groups

    Faculty & Staff
    Elementary, Middle and High School Faculty, Staff and Administration
    HS Faculty 
    HS Faculty and Administrators
    MS Faculty
    MS Faculty and Administrators
    ES Faculty 
    ES Faculty and Administrators
    ES TA 
    ES Teaching Assistants
    Foreign Hires
    All foreign hire faculty
    New Faculty 
    This group is for new faculty coming to SSIS. Each year the members of this group will be replaced by the incoming new faculty.
    Info Exchange
    A platform for the buying and selling of goods and services as well as the exchange of information and ideas.
    PD forum- a place for teachers to continue discussions after training sessions.
    NOTE: This is an "opt-in" group. Click on the web link to request access to this group or email the ICT Department.
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