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Gmail Boot Camp Session 1

    MS Gmail Boot Camp Session 1. Get ready!

    Reading email messages
    1. Open the forwarded email message from your group leader

    2. Open the PDF attachment

    3. Follow the instructions (this will be printed/distributed in our faculty meeting)


    1. Access Contacts from the drop-down menu under the SSIS logo in the upper left-hand corner

    2. Create a new group named “Gmail boot camp”

    3. Add the people in your group to the Gmail boot camp group using the search bar

    Composing email messages

    1. Go back to the drop-down menu under the SSIS logo in the upper left-hand corner and go to Mail

    2. Compose a new email message

    3. Put the Gmail boot camp group in the To: field (sometimes this takes a few minutes to populate)

    4. Put yourself in the Bcc: field

    5. Make the subject “Hyperlink test”

    6. Write a message that includes a hyperlink. You should link to some text. Don’t just paste the link into the message.

    7. Send the email to the group

    Managing email messages

    1. Create a label called “Gmail boot camp”

    2. Add the label to the messages received from your group members

    3. Add a color to the label (optional)

    4. Archive the email messages from the group

    5. Star one message

    6. Filter Starred messages


    1. Go to the Apps button (it looks like 9 small tiles just to the left of your email address in the top right corner) and select Groups and go to My Groups. These are all of the current Google Groups you are enrolled in. We will now create filters for these groups. You can close this tab and go back to your gmail tab.


    1. Open up the settings cog wheel on the far right and select Settings go to Filters

    2. Create a new filter to label messages from the Faculty and Staff Group by going to the To: field and adding Faculty and Staff and click continue.

    3. Then Apply a label and create a new label called Faculty&Staff

    4. Create other filters as desired

    5. Add a profile picture under Settings>General>My picture

    6. Add a signature under Settings>General>Signature

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