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    To aid in communication we have setup the following email aliases.


    Description Email Person
    Admissions admissions@ssis.edu.vn Katie Rigney-Zimmermann
    Busing busing@ssis.edu.vn Vy Tran
    EC Principal esprincipal@ssis.edu.vn Dan Keller
    ES Office esoffice@ssis.edu.vn BichThuy Nguyen
    ES/MS Nurse esmsnurse@ssis.edu.vn Thu Nguyen
    High School Counseling hscounseling@ssis.edu.vn Hang Dinh
    High School Office hsoffice@ssis.edu.vn Thao Nguyen
    High School Principal hsprincipal@ssis.edu.vn Jacob Hendrickson
    High School Nurse hsnurse@ssis.edu.vn Lan Nguyen
    Human Resource hr@ssis.edu.vn HaNoi Nguyen, Mai Nguyen, Thoa Tran
    Middle School Office msoffice@ssis.edu.vn Anh Do
    Middle School Principal msprincipal@ssis.edu.vn Molly Burger
    PowerSchool powerschool@ssis.edu.vn Nghi Chau
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