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NWEA MAP Testing - Software

    Download and install the NWEA MAP Lockdown Browser Software


    1.  Download the NWEA Lockdown Browser.dmg file to your computer.


    2.  Once downloaded double click the file to install.


    3.  Click on the and drag to the NWEA Lockdown Browser application to you Applications folder.


    4.  Launch the NWEA Lockdown Browser application from your applciations folder to make sure it works! The first time you launch the applciation it will require you to select open. (see below). 


    If it doesn't let you open in and you get this pop-up:

    You will need to Go to System Preferences>Security & Privacy. Then Allow apps downloaded from ANYWHERE. See below:

    Step 1: Go to System Preferences

     Step 2: Select Security & Privacy


    Step 3: Unlock by clicking on the lock at the bottom left


    Step 4: Allow apps downloaded from: ANYWHERE


    Step 5: Click the Lock in the bottom left to save your changes


    Try running NWEA Lockdown Browser again.

    It should work! 

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