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Download videos from YouTube

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    You need to use Firefox for this, and add an "Add-on" to it.

    1. Start Firefox
    2. Go to this website: Video Download Helper
    3. Click on the green button "Add to Firefox"
    4. In the "Software Installation" window that pops up, with the warning "Only install add-ons from authors that you trust", click "Install Now".
    5. After the installation is finished, you have to restart Firefox.
    6. From now on, when you go to YouTube (or many other video sites), you will see the icon of the add-on becoming active, and you can use the drop-down arrow next to it to download the video.

    Please watch this very short video that shows how to do all this. Click on the button of the video player  to watch it Full Screen!
    Sorry for the accent of the person who recorded it! (I downloaded it from YouTube using precisely this program! wink )

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