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Grades K-2

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    Responsible Use Policy
    Information and Communication Technologies
    Saigon South International School
    Grades K-2

    Saigon South International School believes that all students should have access to technology when they act in a responsible, efficient, courteous and legal manner.

    Furthermore, Internet access and other online services, available to students and teachers, offer a multitude of global resources. Our goal in providing these services is to enhance the educational development of our students.

    Acceptable use of technology applies to all technology-based devices maintained by the school and/or personal technology-based devices used during school hours on school property.

    The following are our agreements about the use of technology at the Saigon South International School. Using the ICT equipment correctly and responsibly is very important.

    I agree to:

    1. use the ICT equipment carefully.
    2. only work on the programs and web pages that my teacher tells me to use.
    3. keep my password a secret.
    4. ask for help if I do not understand what to do.
    5. tell my teacher if I read or see something on the computer that makes me feel uncomfortable.
    6. never use the ICT equipment in a way that may be hurtful to others.
    7. print only when my teacher tells me I may print.
    8. only access my own files or my own folders.

    I understand that if I do not follow these rules, I might not be able to use the ICT equipment at school.










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