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    Web pages posted on or linked to the SSIS learning portal reflect positively or negatively on the school and the person or persons posting the page. When material is posted on the World Wide Web anyone in the world can read it. People outside the community (including students applying to SSIS, their parents, SSIS alumni, current SSIS parents and the general community) will connect these materials with SSIS. It is expected that all who post to the SSIS Learning Portal will keep this fact in mind and maintain their pages accordingly.
    Specific regulations for SSIS affiliated public pages include:
    1. Photos of students maybe included, if students are only identified by first name.
    2. No personal information about a student is allowed, such as email address, phone number, home address.
    Prohibited items include:
    • Locations, dates and times of school events.
    • Student personal contact information of any kind.
    • Links to staff, volunteers’ or students’ personal home pages.
    • "Guest books", "chat areas", "message boards", or similar.
    • Material that violates copyright laws and licenses.
    Page Content
    The content of public pages must be consistent with the educational mission, goals, and objectives of Saigon South International School and with the letter and spirit of Saigon South International School Board policies. Material placed on web pages is expected to meet academic standards for proper spelling, grammar and accuracy of information.
    You may not include illegal content, as judged by local, state and national laws. Such content includes obscenity, copyright infringement, and sound or software piracy (among other violations). If there is any doubt about material or any conceivable violation of these guidelines, the author of the web page is responsible to check with the division level web master for clarification.

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