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Google Apps for Education


    Student accounts may include a variety of Google Apps such as (but not limited to) email, shared documents, websites and blogs. The features and options available will be based on grade level, student awareness, requirements for coursework. For students under the age of 13 a formal permission from must be signed by the parent/guardian in order for a student to have a Google Apps for Education account on the ssis.edu.vn domain.

    Student Responsibility

    We believe that along with any privilege comes responsibility. We apply the expectations, and the potential disciplinary actions, outlined in the school's Responsible Use Policy and Student Handbook (which can be reviewed on the school website) to our students’ use of Google Apps.


    Although the Google Apps for Education can be accessed outside of school, any use of the account is bound by the SSIS rules and guidelines. It must always be used for educational purposes just as if the student were in school.

    School Responsibility

    Google Apps for Education student accounts are created and managed by the school. For elementary and middle school students, Internet safety education will be included as part of introducing new web-based tools. In school, teacher supervision and school content filters are used to prevent access to inappropriate content and to ensure that student use of these digital tools follows the Responsible Use Policy. Student accounts can be accessed by domain administrators at any time.

    Parent/Guardian Responsibility

    Parents assume responsibility for the supervision of Internet use outside of school. Parents are encouraged to discuss family rules and expectations for using Internet-based tools, including Google Apps for Education. Parents are encouraged to report any evidence of cyberbullying or other inappropriate use to the school.



    I understand that SSIS uses Google Apps for Education and I give permission for my child to participate in teacher-directed activities involving Google Apps. I further understand that my child is responsible for following school policies regarding the use of technology as applied to Google Apps both inside, and outside, of school.



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