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Network Responsibility Contract

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    All students and staff at SSIS are expected to use technology resources and services in a manner appropriate to a school setting and in keeping with the SSIS ICT acceptable use policy. At all times, SSIS students and staff are expected to conduct themselves in a manner which is cognizant of the rights, feelings and freedoms of others as well as themselves. As a member of the SSIS community, when using technology both at home and at school, due consideration must be given at all times to the effects one’s actions have on other members of our community and the global society in general.

    SSIS technology and internet access is provided to enrich the learning experience. Recreational use of school technological resources and of school internet access is permissible only at times outside of instructional hours. Students may access emails during lunch hour however use of chat lines or websites similar to Myspace is forbidden.

    Parents (guardians) and students are required to read the following contract carefully before signing this document. This contract must be signed before a student is given access to the SSIS technology network.

    The following activities are not permitted and will result in loss of Network privileges and appropriate disciplinary action:

    • Visiting inappropriate websites such as those containing obscenity, pornography, sexist or racist material. The above list provides examples but is not limited.
    • Harassment, threats or posting of material which denigrates or demeans others. Use of Inappropriate language—including obscene, profane, rude, disrespectful, threatening or inflammatory language is strictly forbidden as are harassment and prejudicial or discriminatory attacks on others or the publishing of false or defamatory information about a person or organization.
    • Violating the privacy or personal safety of others by revealing personal contact information about self and others. Visiting websites that promote hacking or illegal activities. Hacking is a serious offense and any incident of hacking will be subject to serious disciplinary action including possible suspension.
    • Abuse of resources – chain letters, spamming and other such activities. Spamming is sending an annoying or unnecessary message to a large number of people.
    • Plagiarism and other infringements of copyright laws.
    • Accessing files and network folders created by others without their express permission is an invasion of privacy and is not permitted by school policy.

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